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IP3 Today - Challenges for Print: Colin Thomson

Colin Thompson MIP3


Challenges for the Printing Industry

The biggest challenge facing the printing industry has become what almost seems like a "war on print" by those who produce and disseminate content. The advertising and marketing industry enthuses about online and even newer media 24/7-and has even taken to referring to print as "offline media." What the industry needs is not only to fight back and remind people of the effectiveness of print, but also to come to the same conclusion as its most successful customers: `that print walks hand-in-hand with other media`.

News Highlights from around the world...

-- Despite gloomy economic reports, Printing surveys have found that business conditions for printing firms remained healthy, if not spectacular, in 2005.The industry expect business to continue to be generally stable through 2006, but, will it be?

-- In Spring 2005, in the USA and Europe, 66% of printers cited "competition" as a major business challenge, a reaction to what is thought to be too little work flowing into too many organisations;