24 March 2022


UK magazine digital editions see impressive growth led by the Economist

The Economist retained its spot as the UK magazine with the largest digital edition circulation, reaching nearly one million subscribers in 2021, according to the latest ABC report.

The newest data suggests the magazine is now just under 5,000 digital subscriptions away from the one million total after recording a 14%  increase in global digital circulation last year, from 874,802 to 995,228.

The title account for nearly half of all digital magazine subscriptions audited by ABC in the UK.

The Economist was an early adopter of digital subscriptions, introducing paywalls that prevented non-subscribers from accessing its archived editorial content IN 2009. It reports in a recent ABC audit that its entire digital circulation was made up of paid subscribers.

The title with the next highest digital edition sales in 2021, according to ABC, was Time Magazine’s EMEA editon with an average of 37,741 sales per week.